What to Generally Expect

Preparing For Your Diagnostic Test

Once your doctor has determined the need for a neurological or sleep evaluation, a knowledgable staff member from Alliance will contact you to schedule the diagnostic test.

For ambulatory EEG testing, the doctor will dictate the amount of time required for testing in order to collect data for proper diagnosis, typically 72 hours, and will request video observation to better correlate events. On your scheduled set up date, one of our professional technologists will arrive to setup the diagnostic equipment in your home and return to disconnect when the recording concludes. Alliance provides continuous monitoring for the duration of your study, and our technologists are available 24×7 to assist you.

Sleep studies are scheduled at one of our convenient locations and require the patient to stay overnight in our observation facility. Remember that the polysomnogram (or PSG) is the first step in identifying sleep disorders, and patients who test positive require a second study to titrate the medical device known as a CPAP.

Before The Study

One of our friendly coordinators will verify the details of your insurance benefits and contact you to schedule the prescribed diagnostic test. Alliance accepts both in-network and out-of-network insurance benefits and offers financial assistance programs for patients that do not have insurance or may have difficulty meeting their financial obligation within their coverage.

EEG patients: We suggest washing your hair the night before the test begins. Do not to use any oils sprays, or conditioners up to 24 hours prior to testing.

Sleep patients: Be sure to view our locations below and contact an Alliance coordinator if you have questions, need to reschedule, or need directions to our facility.

Day Or Night Of The Study

A professional technologist will be scheduled to meet you at the place of service (or location) identified when your study was scheduled.

EEG patients: Please be available at the specified location and time so that we can conduct orientation with you or a caregiver and begin the in-home setup.

Sleep patients will be provided orientation in their private room, which will look and feel much like your bedroom at home. There will be a comfortable full or queen size bed for you to sleep in, and cable TV for your enjoyment during hookup and prior to sleep. The sleep technologist will monitor your study from an adjacent room and be available to you upon request.

Please note that the technologist is coming to meet you, so it is very important to keep your appointment. We ask that you be respectful and reschedule your diagnostic test at least 24 hours in advance. Our staff understands your busy schedule and will be happy to accommodate you at a different time.

After The Study

Once the study concludes, it will take 24-48 hours for your doctor to receive results. Once the results have been reported, your doctor’s office will call you to schedule a follow up consultation and review the results. If you have questions about results or treatment, please contact your doctor directly.

A few weeks after the study, you should receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) letter from your insurance company that will outline the claim details. The EOB is not an invoice and may not reflect what you actually owe since it includes the disallowed amount in the patient’s portion. Once we receive the EOB and payment from the insurance provider, we will make the appropriate adjustments to your account and send you an invoice. Alliance accepts both in-network and out-of-network insurance benefits and offers financial assistance programs for patients that do not have insurance or may have difficulty meeting their financial obligation within their coverage.

The Results

EEG patients: Results will be provided to your doctor within 48 hours of the conclusion of your test. Results will include a technical review from a board certified neurologist and a clinical interpretation from your doctor.

Sleep patients who test positive for qualified sleep disorders will likely be recommended for a second sleep study and titration for a medical device. The PSG titration assists us in determining the optimal pressure settings to be used at home. The CPAP will be configured to treat your specific type of sleep disorder. This study will also be reported in 24-48 hours, and Alliance will coordinate with your insurance and a local provider of medical devices to have the machine delivered to your home.

If you have questions about EEG, Sleep results, or treatment plan, please contact your doctor directly.

If you have any additional questions please give our office a call at 888.982.8492
If you need after hours direction assistance the night of your study, call the number listed on the after-hours voice message

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