Alliance provides Neurodiagnostics Testing, including: Routine EEG, Long-term EEG, and in-home Ambulatory EEG to detect problems with the electrical activity of the brain. The ambulatory EEG is video monitored to observe activities of daily living, including sleep, and correlate event data. The EEG recorder will be worn for a specific period of time, dictated by your doctor, which gives us the optimal amount of data to observe irregular activity. Our experienced staff, technologists, and doctors collaborate to deliver the best customer experience and results reporting within 48 hours of your study.

Alliance accepts both in-network and out-of-network insurance benefits and offers financial assistance programs for patients that do not have insurance or may have difficulty meeting their financial obligation within their coverage.


Our professional healthcare technologists provide testing wherever it best serves the patient. In fact, our technicians often go directly to the patient’s home to conduct testing which would otherwise require admission to a hospital or clinic. Alliance provides services in over 35 states, and offers the flexibility to schedule 7 days a week.


Medical testing is most accurate and provides the best information when it reflects the true state of health for a patient as they live and interact with the world. The Alliance approach is designed to record data as patients interact with their normal environment, and video monitoring allows us to observe activities of daily living as event data is reviewed. We believe our testing provides the best reflection of the patient’s true condition and enables doctors to develop effective care plans for their patients.


No fighting traffic driving to a clinic or hospital. An Alliance technologist will be scheduled to arrive at your home to set up and conclude the diagnostic testing. For the duration of your diagnostic test, one of our registered technologists will remotely monitor recordings for accuracy. Once the recording is complete, Alliance has staff and doctors working 7 days a week to provide timely and accurate results within 48 hours.


Alliance offers diagnostic testing that can be conducted in the privacy and comfort of the patient’s home and offers little disruption to their daily activities. Our cloud-based system allows patients to be mobile while the EEG system continues to monitor and record critical data. No one looks forward to the hassles that accompany medical testing, but our technology enables us to provide a better patient experience.

Alliance offers diagnostic testing that can be conducted in the privacy and comfort of the patient’s home, and offers little disruption to your daily activities.