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Alliance provides diagnostic testing  in North America, with an emphasis on reducing the patient care cycle and improving clinical outcomes. We offer a variety of diagnostic testing to identify neurological, cardiological, and sleep disorders via a network of over 1100 physicians in 35 states. Alliance understands the significant impact neurological and sleep disorders have on our overall health and assists in the diagnosis of people suffering from these disorders.

Alliance Family of Companies is recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in healthcare, and the largest provider of neurological, cardiological, and sleep diagnostic services in the U.S. We have the audacious goal of innovating the delivery of healthcare services that enable doctors to create treatment plans and improve our patients’ quality of life.


Three Year Company Growth


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We strive for excellence as we serve patients, doctors, and those who have financial responsibility for the healthcare system. Our passion is to innovate the delivery of healthcare services, in effort to reduce the patient care cycle and improve clinical outcomes.


To build strategic alliances with medical professionals and institutions so that diagnostic services are more accessible and affordable. We use technology to simplify processes and accelerate the delivery of critical data and results.


Our core value, is Value. Alliance performs diagnostics that deliver great value in directing patient care. We provide logistical and economical solutions that yield value to the healthcare system by streamlining the management of complex disorders and reducing overall costs.

Alliance performs diagnostic testing in over 35 states and works with over 1100+ physicians to assist in the diagnosis of those suffering from neurological and sleep disorders.

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